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  • Tech

    F#'ening TotallyMoney's development toolbox

    By Tristian Barrett, Engineering Manager

    Jul 27th 2022

    F#! What started as an odd language choice for one small project 5 years ago, has grown to become a ...

  • Tech

    Creating financial momentum for 4 million customers with three simple engineering principles

    By Mark Durrand, CTO

    Nov 30th 2021

    Like any business, as TotallyMoney has grown, principles have been needed to ensure everyone works t...

  • Tech

    The F-sharpest knife in our drawer

    By TotallyMoney

    Feb 24th 2020

    On Thursday 13th February, TotallyMoney hosted its first F#unctional Londoners meetup

  • Tech

    1,000 pull requests and counting

    By Nick Blair

    Jun 4th 2018

    Today marks a special occasion: we've reached 1000 Pull Requests in our 'My Account' code repository...

  • Tech

    Building a Data-Driven Culture

    By Jack Mitchell

    Mar 20th 2018

    Data-driven decision making: the reality Data enables us to take risks out of decisions by confirmin...

  • Tech

    Don’t Looker back in anger

    By Alasdair Fowler

    Feb 13th 2018

    Towards the end of 2017, the Marketing Team heard rumours of a new data analytics platform to replac...

  • Tech

    Creating a personalised offers page for customers

    By Antonio Tella

    Jan 31st 2018

    In 2017, TotallyMoney created Borrowing Power to help customers understand how likely they are to ge...

  • Tech

    The Polyglot Pipeline

    By Nick Blair

    Nov 30th 2017

    The two prevailing languages at TotallyMoney are JavaScript and C# (.net). A typical product of ours...

  • Tech

    Hey, good lookin’, what ya got cookin’?

    By Adria Luz

    Nov 8th 2017

    At TotallyMoney, we face a set of challenges that I am certain are not unique to our company. Data i...

  • Tech

    How We Built a Free Credit Report

    By Mark Durrand

    Oct 25th 2017

    We recently launched our new free credit report on TotallyMoney and we had to do it in a fairly shor...

  • Tech

    The Building Behind Building a Fairer Consumer Credit Market

    By Bella Taylor

    Oct 11th 2017

    TotallyMoney’s mission has always been to help customers get a better deal from the credit industry ...

  • Tech

    Elm at the helm: Working with a new programming language

    By Alex Owusu-Ansah

    May 31st 2017

    At we are using Elm to create an internal administration tool. Elm, being a functio...

  • Tech

    Front end stylist - the new position every company should hire for

    By Benny Zuffolini

    Feb 10th 2017

    I was lucky to start my career at the right time, in the late 2000s. Back then a designer would typi...

  • Tech

    Sittin' On the Docker of the API

    By Steve Westwood

    Jul 8th 2016

    Continuing the theme of Microsoft’s recent endeavours to move their entire development stack towards...

  • Tech

    (Some) rules of software development that might apply in the rest of your life

    By Nick Blair

    May 12th 2016

    Many of these rules relate to software development, but can be applied more broadly and produce some...

  • Tech

    Rust: What you need to know about this new systems programming language

    By James Waples

    May 5th 2016

    Rust is a systems programming language designed to be safe and fast, both very useful things when wr...

  • Tech

    Cleaning up Docker images on Jenkins build machines

    By James Waples

    Mar 10th 2016

    We use Jenkins to build production-ready Docker images here at TotallyMoney. The setup works really ...

  • Tech

    Birth of an App

    By Willem van der Merwe

    Jan 19th 2016

    Here's a visualisation of the evolution of the loans comparison platform. The video...

  • Tech

    Carry on up the Amazon

    By Mark Durrand

    Nov 18th 2015

    If I’m honest, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Summit in London was a little bit of a sales...

  • Tech

    Optimising Trustpilot customer review invitations using unique links…and open sourcing our solution

    By Cloud Quinn

    Nov 3rd 2015

    At, we love helping our customers make good decisions supported by reliable informa...

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