Bringing creativity back - Type Tasting

As an office grows in size the designers often slowly grow apart and often find themselves working alone on projects which evolve and grow over time. really encourages everyone to share ideas, get inspired and collaborate which recently led all the designers to attend a typography workshop lead by Sarah Hyndman.

The workshop was called Type Tasting and explores the history of typography and more interestingly, the psychology behind it and how it can inform design decisions.

The organiser said of the event: ‘Our aim at Type Tasting is to change the way people think and talk about type. We are quantifying the experiences of the type consumer to create language that describes the experience of type, which does not require the terminology of design experts.’

During the workshop we looked at how typography affects the senses with touch, taste and smell. Sarah has conducted research which explores the behaviour and reaction to type when a taste or smell is presented at the same time. We had some fun playing a few games and discovering the types of personality traits associated with particular font families.

In the afternoon we experimented with drawing out various fonts using paint, charcoal, pens and paper. As a designer this workshop was useful because it forces us to consider the emotional impact different typefaces can have on a consumer. Have a look below at some of the typefaces we worked with on the day.

What kind of emotions might they evoke in your customers that might be looking at them?