The day became cool

I’ll admit it. When Joe, our Head of Brand and Communications, asked me to commission my brother Luka for a piece of graffiti art to be used on merchandise, I was sceptical. I mean, street art meets credit cards?

But I asked him nevertheless. Having been a graffiti artist for the past 20 years, Luka now focuses on mixing graffiti with the art of wood carving to create some really cool and intricate pieces of artwork.
The brief was quite clear: black and white with an old school vibe, meaning the process was pretty straight forward.

He started by sketching a very simplistic logo and it looked seriously lame. Nobody in their right minds would want a t-shirt that clearly reads ‘TotallyMoney’. So, he worked more on the lettering to make it more complex, by adding round detailing to break the harshness of the angles and straight lines to balance it all out. The black outline gives a slight 3D effect, adding some dimension to a piece that would have otherwise been too flat.

In its final stage, the logo is intentionally hard to read for pretty much most of us, but that’s what makes the t-shirts actually wearable. It is a visually intricate and pleasing design that if you really focus on reading it, does indeed say “”.

It ended up being a great experience for my brother, who (surprisingly) hasn’t had to deal with many FinTech companies before. Plus, we all enjoyed wearing our t-shirts at the summer party, ‘representing’ TM in a subtle and actually stylish way.

While some people may think my brother was tripping on acid when he created the logo, I argue that they don’t have the imagination to see past the complexity of the interlacing lines.

After all, if it wasn’t for the imagination and vision of its founders, wouldn’t be here today, so I guess that’s something the company and the artist share in common. Who would have thought?