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    2017 Credit Awards: How our cust...

2017 Credit Awards: How our customer contact innovation won us a gong

TotallyMoney.com recently won the Innovation in Customer Contact award at the 2017 Credit Awards. It always feels good to be recognised for your work, especially when you’re up against some big names within the credit industry.

So, what was behind the win?

Last year we launched our intelligent email alerts service. These personalised monthly emails tell our users about products that could help them, based on their credit eligibility. Each month the user receives a bespoke email telling them about any changes to their eligibility score, along with a notification of any products they have become eligible for. Of course, the alerts are only an extra benefit of doing a card search at TotallyMoney.com. We want people who use our service to realise it could (and should) be the final stop in their search for credit. Whether they are looking for a credit card or trying to improve their chances of acceptance, we’ve got them covered. Users are also offered the chance to create an account (for free, of course) that will show them their eligibility score along with their spending and borrowing power. It’s all about making TotallyMoney.com indispensable for anyone who’s thinking about applying for credit. The eligibility score is unique because it reflects the market as well as changes in each user’s credit file. This sets it apart from a credit score as it gives people an insight into their access to credit, rather than just an indicator of how lenders see them. As always, we want to give the user the best chance of success when it comes to applying for credit. That’s why we only run a soft search on their credit file to create their eligibility score. This is invisible to lenders so won’t impact their credit score. Even people who aren’t eligible for any products get something useful. We’ve created a series of emails giving a step by step guide to boosting your eligibility. Users will also get an alert email as soon as they become eligible for a product, so no one is left unsure of their next move. As technology evolves we will continue to develop our service, and will be launching further innovative ways to contact our customers in the near future.