TotallyMoney & Burrow Announce Partnership

TotallyMoney has joined forces with Burrow to offer free Mortgage Report and Digital Mortgage Broker service.


TotallyMoney customers can now track their mortgage score and the likelihood of being accepted for a mortgage, find out how much they can borrow and which of the UK’s top 10 lenders will lend to them. Burrow will also provide personalised product recommendations based on the customer’s circumstances.


TotallyMoney has added the Burrow Mortgage Report and Score to its online mortgage comparison service. Burrow lets customers know their chances of getting a mortgage and picks out the lender offers that are most suited to their circumstances.

Get your free mortgage report and score via

The partnership with Burrow is a strategic first for Free Credit Report provider and credit broker TotallyMoney. Customers can now enjoy a seamless end-to-end mortgage journey.


A smarter way to buy your home

The Burrow mortgage report and score gives TotallyMoney customers:

  • Mortgage report – the likelihood of getting a mortgage and range of mortgage options available to you
  • Top Offers – An instant view of how much each mortgage lender would be willing to lend to you
  • Personalisation – Helps customers make an informed mortgage application by simplifying and personalising mortgage product recommendations
  • When they’re ready, apply and complete online


Why the partnership makes sense

  • Two fintech brands share similar visions; using technology to help customers make smarter financial decisions, reducing costs and increasing transparency. Providing insights and information based on customer data. Both providing reports and eligibility checking.
  • TotallyMoney customers can now access the Burrow mortgage report for a clear, easy-to-understand view of their mortgage options; a view that takes into account eligibility, affordability and personalised product recommendations.
  • This partnership allows TotallyMoney to extend their offering for an important group of its customers and strengthen its position as one of the UK’s leading borrowing decision fintech companies.


Quote from TotallyMoney CEO Alastair Douglas

“TotallyMoney is building ever smarter services, helping customers cut through the complexity of life’s financial decisions. And teaming up with Burrow to offer straightforward, personalised mortgage recommendations marks the start of an exciting new partnership for us. We’re on a mission to build a fairer credit market for consumers and the transparency that Burrow brings to the mortgage application process provides real value for our customers.”


Quote from Burrow’s CEO Pradeep Raman

“We are thrilled to be partnering with TotallyMoney. Comparison of financial products is moving towards highly curated and personalised product recommendations and TotallyMoney are at the forefront of those changes. At Burrow, we aim to provide mortgage recommendations that are perfectly matched to an individual’s needs and circumstances. There is a natural fit between our product philosophies and we are excited about the products we can create together.”




About Burrow

Backed by some of the UK’s leading venture capitalists such as Passion Capital, Burrow believes the process of getting a mortgage should be simple and delightfully digital. It should be fast, transparent, low-cost and online. Burrow’s mission is to make that happen. That’s why Burrow is re-engineering the mortgage process from the ground up. Using technology to make it faster and frustration-free, and humans to make it friendly and personable.

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About TotallyMoney

TotallyMoney provides customers with a free Credit Report & Live Score that puts them right at the centre of their credit data, helps them make smarter decisions and take control of their finances.

TotallyMoney’s unique Borrowing Power algorithm shows customers how likely they are to be offered credit by real-world lenders.

TotallyMoney is an independent credit broker, not a lender. It provides a free comparison service to customers, though they may be paid a fee by lenders. How much they get paid doesn’t influence how the service works or the ranking of any credit products presented to customers.

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