Regions of the UK and the countries they have a similar GDP to

gdp map

Economies can be hard things to understand, especially when we have to wrap our heads around the millions (and sometimes billions) of pounds they are worth. This is why we have decided to display the British economy in a way that makes it all a little easier to grasp.

Our map shows the regions of the UK and Ireland and countries which generate a similar GDP.

Cornwall is one of the UK’s most economically deprived areas, and yet if it was an independent state it would have a GDP similar to that of Jamaica. People might be quick to mock Essex after watching TOWIE, but the county outperforms the entire country of Croatia when it comes to its economy.

London is often seen as one of the world’s most profitable financial centres, which might be why capital has a GDP to match Turkey, making it the 18th richest economy in the world if it were a country.

How does your region stack up? Does your hometown make more money than some countries? Find out with our map.