It’s Official, Men Keep More Secrets From Their Partners Than Women


Everyone in a romantic relationship has lied to their partner as some point. And those who say they haven’t are probably lying.

So how regularly do we keep secrets from our significant others? And how damaging are they?

We’ve conducted research into what people in relationships are keeping secret from each other and how often they do it.

A quarter of women admitted to hiding their snacking habits from their partners, whereas only one in eight men say they keep this secret.

A little more problematic was the revelation that 15% of men and 13% of women lie about the number of ex-partners they’ve had, with one person surveyed telling us: ‘I had a wild 20s so I gave her a lower number!’

We also looked into which areas of the UK yield the most dishonest relationships, so if you yearn for a transparent relationship stay away from these places.

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