Our performance marketing team has the depth of knowledge needed to build the audience for our comparison platform.

Meet the team

Henry Keegan
Head of Search

Jeannine Klein
Head of Display

Laura Lucas
eCRM Manager

Ben Reeves
Senior Marketing Manager

AdriÀ Luz
Senior Data Analyst

Molly Beake
Marketing Executive

James McCaffrey
Marketing Executive

Leveraging rich data

Optimising a diverse spectrum of channels.

The team leverages our rich data to optimise margins and find the most effective way of letting as many people know about our service across a diverse spectrum of channels, including display advertising, email, SEO, TV, offline media and social media. If building an audience through paid media is your passion then we’d love to hear from you.

Marketing Analyst

My working day is rarely the same as the day before. Today I might be working on TV optimisation and tomorrow I may be comparing the performance of two Facebook campaigns. Every day brings new challenges.

But truth be told, my favourite things are ping pong and beers on Friday afternoons, football on Wednesdays and the food from the nearby Whitecross Street market!

We have a start-up culture in many ways and I’m involved in different projects on a daily basis, which is very enriching for my career. TotallyMoney believes in people, skills and potential rather than just looking at experience.

Since joining, I’ve achieved the analytics certification from Google and am on my way to getting the Search certification too. I’ve also had the opportunity to expand on knowledge from my University years in econometrics and statistics.

Outside of work, you can find me DJing at The Lexington in Angel or the Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch. If I wasn’t working as a Marketing Analyst, I’d probably be playing guitar in a band.