Life at TotallyMoney

Be part of an exciting FinTech company

If you’re looking for a highly-entrepreneurial company, then TotallyMoney is it. Your ideas will be seen by millions of people and you’ll help customers understand and improve their finances. We’re expanding rapidly and there’s never been a more exciting time to join.


At TotallyMoney, every role matters because our tools are used by more than two million people a year. We celebrate success, but most importantly we aim to build things we can be proud of. Our environment is agile and our underlying mission is to deliver innovation to the personal finance industry.

Bold ideas

As a data-driven business, we’re experts at doing things differently. Join us and you’ll be running major marketing campaigns, creating vital code, closing important commercial deals or coming here to make an impact. We give voice to ideas.

Smart people

If you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Our focus on excellence, strong analytics and responsibility at an early age means it’s a great place to build a career. Former employees have gone into consulting, investment banking and even presenting Countdown.

Not all work

Our offices near Silicon Roundabout position us between the cutting-edge start-ups of Shoreditch and the forward-thinking financial institutions of the City. We keep things lively with free breakfasts, nights out, team events and table tennis. On Fridays, we even finish early to enjoy a few drinks and socialise.

Attractive benefits

Plus, all employees are offered a free gym membership or health insurance, a personal pension plan and share options, too.

The TotallyMoney philosophy

We’re driving success through innovation, trust and respect, focus and impact – and by rewarding those who support the values we’re more likely to succeed and to enjoy what we do.

Excellence & balance

We’re building a company and products that we are proud of – we are not just trying to make money. We are passionate about what we do and believe that a small, focused team can create big value without big pain. To make that possible we hire exceptional, smart people and help them develop and hone their skills.


We are enterprising and try new things, but not everything will work so we are quick to learn from failure and do not fear it. What we fear is not trying, not testing and not innovating. To drive forward, we value challenge and creative ideas that prove useful.

Trust and respect

We won’t achieve excellence without being able to criticise both up and down the organisation. Indeed, we’re looking for people who stand up for their beliefs and who are open, transparent and fearlessly honest. Criticism is only valued if shared openly and, whatever the level of seniority or disagreement with each other, we treat each other with respect. We believe that if others can rely on you, they will and that means caring about the output, not the job description nor the process.


In our business the problem is too many good ideas, not too few. We have to say no to most good ideas and we need to do that smartly and speedily if we’re to keep moving fast. We value those who can prioritise well, who can articulate what they are trying to achieve and how they’re going to achieve it. We value those who simplify.


We value output over input – you don’t win points by spending long hours at your desk, you win points by getting stuff done. We’re a team that looks for routes round obstacles, acts boldly and makes things happen. And we celebrate those who try things rather than worrying about whether they’ll work.

Share the success

We believe in sharing ownership and sharing the spoils. Our bonus scheme helps align us all – we celebrate the wins and mourn the losses together.