Our team of developers has built an innovative free credit report service and one of the most sophisticated credit comparison platforms.

Meet the team

Nick Blair
Technology Lead

Steve Westwood
Lead Developer

Bartosz Wrobel
Lead Developer

Chris Bennington
Lead Developer

Edward Dewhurst
Senior Developer

Wajahat Akram
Senior Developer

Bella Taylor
Front-end Developer

Alex Owusu-Ansah

Siranush Madoyan
Senior Developer

Willem van der Merwe
Senior Developer

Trayan Valchev
System Administrator

Freedom to explore

A problem-solving, user-centric approach.

It’s a problem-solving, user-experience-focused approach that, rather than predicating a specific technology, gives the developers the freedom to explore an find the best approach. If you’re passionate about building scalable, high-performance software then get in touch we’re always interested in hearing from talented developers.


I didn’t have access to the internet until the age of 18. Before I joined TotallyMoney, I was working with Roll7 making OlliOlli – a skateboarding game for PS Vita which actually won a BAFTA award for Best Sport Game in 2015.

FinTech is an early adopter of new and evolving technologies; which makes it the perfect environment for a developer. There are many great things about working here, but the best has to be the working relationships I have with people here. I laugh lots and get to have fun while creating exciting software.

When I joined TotallyMoney, I was in a precarious position. I’m South African and, at the time, needed a sponsor in order to remain in the UK. TotallyMoney were kind enough to step in as sponsor. The impact of this on my career is immense; I’m not sure where my career would be at if I had to go pursue it elsewhere.

In the dev team, we have the freedom to choose which technologies we work with. This is an attractive proposition to good developers and it holds great benefit to the company in that we get to use the best tools for the job without issue.

The value of glass-top tables combined with dry-markers should also not be underestimated. I’ve gained knowledge on dev-ops and back-end stuff like routing with NGINX, some .net programming, and also with integrating peripheral tech for monitoring… oh, and ping-pong.