They write the words and create the eye-catching visuals that help our customers find a simpler, fairer path to the deal they want.

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Joe Gardiner

Mike Thomas

Andrew Harvey

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Oliver Wheaton

Craft at the highest level

Taking pride in the way you work.

Whether it’s an advert on Facebook, a guide for our credit novice’s email newsletter, a mobile-friendly everyday credit card landing page or a shareable, buzz-generating article that’s getting picked up by national newspapers, the team pride themselves on crafting everything they do to the highest level. If you like to get hands on with content then get in touch.


After leaving university with a degree in graphic design I wanted to gain a better insight into designing and developing for web, so I interned for a year to learn how the digital industry operates and worked for a publishing company as a digital designer before joining

I start my day by running through my work schedule and chase up the jobs that are a top priority. I get to work on a wide variety of creative projects, from interactive web pages/layouts to email and social media ads. We also have meetings and catch-ups which keep everyone engaged and up to date with the happenings of the business.

For me, one of the best things about working at is being part of a smaller team. My last company had over 500 employees, which meant you sometimes didn’t get to see the real impact of the work you produce. also provides an open and supportive platform allowing everyone the freedom to develop their skills and work autonomously. is a company which encourages people to socialise and become friends. I am on the social committee so I help organise group activities for everyone to enjoy. The company has even taken the whole office on a weekend trip to Ghent.

I enjoy meeting new people and gaining new skills by volunteering. I used to run a youth-led project in Tower Hamlets and I soon hope to start volunteering for the Metropolitan Police.

Content Strategist

Before starting at I was an online journalist, but wanted to create the content I was writing about, rather than just comment on it, so joining the creative team here was a good move for me.

Working in the creative team means every day is different. I could be writing copy for Facebook adverts, coming up with content ideas and bouncing some ideas around with the design team all before lunch. It keeps the job interesting and means I have to be very flexible in my approach to work.

The management team at are very open to suggestions and are constantly trying to make the office a better place to work in. It’s the first place I have ever worked where I feel like everyone is truly on the same team and trying to help each other succeed.

One of my favourite things I have worked on so far at was our London Underground map showing the capital’s property costs per square foot. I thought the piece was a fantastic way to deliver the information in a novel and relatable manner, which got picked up by several publications.

Outside of work I enjoy climbing and mountaineering. It might seem like a metaphorical stretch, but I do think there are similarities between these sports and creating content. Both require extensive planning and research to get the best results, of course sometimes taking a bit of a risk and trying something completely new can also help push you to towards success.