How we keep up with a constantly evolving market.

The 10 Commandments of GDPR

Brace yourself. GDPR is coming. Whether you’re ready or not. And if you’re not ready, we’re way ahead of you.   For years, businesses have been ‘tricking’ customers into opting in to all sorts of unwanted marketing communications via pre-ticked boxes (yes, I’m looking at you, you, and you). Such a ‘clever’ way to collect…


Attention is media’s true currency. And now there’s less to go round.

For many years I’ve questioned the true value of online media advertising. I’ve failed to believe in the hype of data driven, hyper targeted, super-personalised banners littering web pages. Beyond Facebook and Google’s astonishing strides in revolutionizing direct response advertising, there is a severe shortage of consumer attention to buy online. The challenge for marketers…


Addressing the discontent in content marketing

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at Kaizen’s Fintech breakfast seminar on the subject of content marketing. Pete Reis-Campbell gave an excellent talk sharing real world practical advice that any marketer could take away and immediately action – a rarity in the world of conferences these days. Check out Pete’s key takeaways here….


Thrown in at the Deep End of PPC

Given that my role as Marketing Executive at TotallyMoney is my first job out of University, I hadn’t expected that within three weeks I’d be using AdWords Scripts to manage campaigns for one of our core services. I had, naïvely, thought that any tasks I might be given would be closely monitored and that, as…


Making an Amazing TV Ad

The things to consider when embarking on a new TV campaign: some questions to ask to ensure that your brief will be met and that you’ll be happy with the finished creative.


The Day I Scored at Work

The beauty of technology-driven finance products is that they put live, actionable information into people’s hands to help them make better financial decisions. This is what we are doing with our free credit report.