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Hey, good lookin’, what ya got cookin’?

At TotallyMoney, we face a set of challenges that I am certain are not unique to our company. Data is not easily accessible to everyone because our data infrastructure is complex, which means that complex queries have to be written even for the simplest of analyses.  Because most people do not have the technical skills…


Do customers really think in terms of cards or loans?

Visit any price comparison website and you will quickly be funnelled into a comparison of either credit cards or loans. They are treated entirely separately and assume that the customer has a clear need for one product type or the other.   Break with Tradition There are obvious differences between credit secured from a loan…


How We Built a Free Credit Report

We recently launched our new free credit report on TotallyMoney and we had to do it in a fairly short time with a small team.  To be fair, small, focused teams is the way we prefer to work but it does mean we have to make careful choices about tools and technology in order to…