It’s time to check your Burrow-ing power

We’ve partnered with Burrow, a digital mortgage broker, to offer our users a personalised mortgage report and score, as well as the ability to get advice from one of their qualified mortgage advisors.

This is the first partnership TotallyMoney have entered into with a digital broker, and we will offer the Burrow service to users on our mortgage comparison site, and as part of our new free credit report service.


Mortgage options

We chose Burrow because they’ve developed a great range of tools and features to help users understand their mortgage options online, in only a matter of minutes, and it’s free!

Burrow’s new mortgage report provides a comprehensive summary of which of the top 10 lenders would lend to you, how much you could borrow, and what types of products may be most suitable for you, based on the information you’ve provided.

Their mortgage score also provides a unique insight to how eligible you are across a range of mortgage providers, a great synergy with the ‘Borrowing Power’ score which TotallyMoney have pioneered to offer users a view of their overall eligibility for credit cards and loans products.


Better understanding

Once you’ve developed a better understanding of your mortgage position through Burrow’s innovative online tools, if you would like to proceed and complete an application, or simply find out a bit more about what products are best for them, you can then book a call with one of Burrow’s qualified advisors to discuss your situation in more detail.


Perfect partnership

Burrow shares our belief in the power of technology to deliver better outcomes for customers. They believe that the process of getting a mortgage should be fast, transparent and digital. They’re re-engineering the mortgage process from the ground up. Using technology to make it faster and frustration-free, and humans to make it friendly and personable. It’s a great match with TotallyMoney as we continue to drive a fairer consumer credit market.

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