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I found out about the Espruino Pico from a Hackaday post a while ago. The idea of being able to easily develop embedded applications with JavaScript (which, as a web developer, I already do a lot of) was enticing, and it got me back into the world of microcontrollers and electronics, which is a lot of fun. has been running JavaScript tutorial sessions (CodeSchool) in the browser console for a while now, covering all the basics up to talking to REST APIs, but as most people know Blinkenlights are way more fun, and now having Espruino makes them super easy to create and control too. After figuring out what we wanted from a general purpose development/learning platform, I got to work designing and creating a prototype with the eventual goal of doing a small production run of about 10 boards for use in our CodeSchool classes. I own a home-built CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine which makes creating complex shapes a cinch.



Fusion 360 is an integrated CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) tool from Autodesk. It’s free for students and hobbyists and was an excellent choice for this project due to the built in CNC functionality. I drew up a quick design of the base board and generated the toolpaths ready for milling. Let’s make some chips!



IMG_20150905_191202 IMG_20150905_193518 IMG_20150905_193748

Cleanup is my favourite part of CNC


Final part

I think this came out pretty well. The edge finish leaves a lot of room for improvement, but the board came out well overall.

IMG_20150905_194113 IMG_20150905_200019

Next up, lessons with the board in the next CodeSchool session!


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