’s mission and vision for the future

As a company grows and evolves, it’s important for everyone to hold true to the core beliefs and objectives for the business. This morning, CEO Alastair Douglas laid out his thoughts on what we’re all working to achieve.’s mission

“’s mission is to create a fairer credit market for UK consumers by giving them access to the information they need to make better decisions, and therefore getting them better deals on credit cards, loans and mortgages,” Alastair said.

“There are 60 million credit cards out there in the UK. Most people who use these cards could save money if they knew which preferable deal they could switch to. But people are scared because they don’t want to be rejected.”

He went on to explain how technology is driving change. “The internet has allowed consumers to do something they have never been able to before,” he said, “all the information they need to make informed decisions can now be found in one place. We use this to give the power back to the consumer.”

Underscoring the need to put the user first, Alastair said, “We make it possible for consumers to check their eligibility for loans and credit cards before applying, reducing the risk of harming their credit score by searching and being declined. It is also a very frustrating consumer experience.”

The use of technology to benefit the consumer doesn’t stop there. “We are always creating new and innovative products with the intention of making the credit market a fairer place. We’ve got exciting plans for later this year which will start driving even faster change within the industry” said Alastair.

How the internet can empower the consumer

Alastair explained how the internet has transformed many markets over the past few decades.

“People booking holidays were once forced to find a travel agent who might get them to where they wanted to go, but wouldn’t necessarily be giving them the best deal as they were often working on commission,” he said.

“These days you can easily compare prices of flights and hotels online to find the best deal.”

He went on to explain how a 2014 study found that 90 percent of travel bookings were made online that year, compared with only 50 percent in 2006.[1]

Alastair explained how the finance industry has been much slower to change “because it is an old and heavily regulated system, so we really are at the start of a period of mass change”.

“Consumers are no longer blind to the different cards or loans they could be eligible for, and with they no longer need to risk their credit score in order to find out,” he added.

Highlighting how one of the most important changes brought about by the internet is businesses being able to interact with their customers, Alastair said: “The internet is about discussions between people, and has enabled businesses to start a two-way conversation with their customers.

“The days of throwing adverts out into the commercial sphere and hoping the customer sees something they like are gone, as businesses are now able to speak with consumers and learn exactly what they want and need.”

Looking to the future

“The internet has given customers a brand new ability to compare and review everything they do and purchase, be it holidays, cars, or restaurants,” said Alastair.

He spoke about his vision for to become “the best place for consumers looking for a credit card or a loan to visit in order to make an informed decision”.

“When people are thinking of going on holiday they will often visit a website like to see if they are getting the best deal,” he added.

“As you can compare 1000s of different cards and loans on, we want it to become the go-to site for people considering the next step in their financial journey.”



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